Founding History

Below is what was put up at all the local bike shops and bars when Mid South Riders (MSR) first started....

Mid South Riders is a motorcycle group made up of different motorcycles and people from Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas and Kentucky. We are people who love to ride motorcycles.

In November of 1996, two old "drunks" (namely Mike Skaggs and Randy Westbrooks) were sitting in this bar (called Shady Rest) one night discussing the way things were going with bikers in this part of the country. Since both "drunks" were dissatisfied with what they saw, they decided to try to form a new group. Believe it or not, they found out that there were more people out there just like them!

On January 12, 1997, there was a meeting at Shady Rest Bar in Trimble, Tennessee with about fifty people present to hear about this new organization. That day twenty-six people joined this new group.

One February 9, 1997, the new group held their second official meeting. They elected nine officers, established the name of Mid South Riders and took off. Since then the organization has risen to just under 100 members, held several events and established their name in the communities they serve.

The officers Mid South Riders elected this first year were as follows :

Director Randy Westbrooks, Rutherford, TN
Asst. Director Morris Wilson, Hayti, MO
Secretary / Treasurer Kathy Rogers, Ripley, TN
Pol. / Leg. Representitive Mike Skaggs, Newbern, TN
Sergeant at Arms David Rogers, Ripley, TN
Activities Bill Rodarmer, Greenfield, TN
Activities Chuck Holland, Dyersburg, TN
Activities John Wright, Rutherford, TN

Anyone wanting additional information about the Mid South Riders can contact the Webmaster or attend one of our meetings. Mid South Riders meet the 2nd Sunday of each month at 1:00PM at 3320 Hwy 210 South, Dyersburg, TN, so just stop by and see us.